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Permasert Coupling - 1/2" IPS

Perfection Permasert Mechanical Coupling - 1/2" IPS / SDR 9.3

Attention!  Couplings will require chamfering of pipe, make sure you check out our Chamfer Tools!

Permasert mechanical couplings are non-corrosive and require no cathodic protection or protective coatings.

The Permasert coupling has a pull-out strength greater than the connected polyethylene tubing. Its one-piece construction and design ensure consistent, gas-tight connections in all weather conditions. Permasert couplings are non-corrosive and molded from industry leading PE4710/Bimodal PE3408 which provides signifi cant performance advantages versus other polyethylene resins.


• Industry’s leading stab coupling for PE joining
• No special tools or training
• One piece construction
• No need for generators or other costly installation equipment
• Reduced trench/ditch size for Permasert installations
• Molded from industry proven PE4710/Bimodal PE3408 resin
• Sizes from 1/2" CTS to 2" IPS. Also available in metric sizes
• Independent gripping collet and elastomeric seals


• Total installed cost savings versus electrofusion and heat-fusion joining methods
• Fast and easy installation in less than a minute
• No parts to lose or damage during installation
• Allows for one person installations in all weather conditions
• Reduces excavation and restoration costs versus fusion methods
• Non corrosive couplings and components provide outstanding long term performance, eliminating the need for special coatings and cathodic protection.
• Widest array of mechanical couplings on the market, including Permaserts with integral Excess Flow Valves
• Minimal stress is applied to the PE piping. Couplings have a pull-out strength greater than the connected PE piping
• Safe, dependable performance for more than 30 years with more than 40 million Permasert couplings installed around the world


Permasert® Mechanical Couplings Spec Sheet

Permasert® Mechanical Couplings Installation Guide


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